Don't Forget to Dance


Inspiration comes at a time that you least expect it;

suddenly remembering dreams and other things neglected.

The glory rises internally as your spirit sparks to fire-

suddenly you're in a place, not satisfied you must go higher.


Waves they ripple and water splashes against a golden shore;

you hear the lyrics of a song- the angel says there's more.

The melody and harmony an indescribably beautiful sound-

fall like diamonds and pure white feathers, so softly to the ground.


This place was once a hurtful place- of sorrow, grief, and pain;

that held its secrets deep within that would help you smile again.

Through the fire and through the flame smoke tried to blind your eye-

now you're on the other side as your hands reach for the sky.


You're most worthy of every prize and every perfect gift to be;

the poems you write and songs you sing, a light for others to see.

A dove it flies before you carrying most beautifully in its beak-

a fiery rose of passion and the desires that others seek.


Hold not the dream just to yourself for then it falls to the ground;

be willing to give a helping hand and spread the love around.

Sing your loudest, clap your hands- always be ready to take a chance...

Oh yes and always remember: "Don't forget to dance!"


Godwin H. Barton


Picture: (Herd Deers Wallpaper)




Landaira Hillton February 19, 2014 @04:06 pm

This was a beautiful and very moving poem. I can't help but feel the inspiration was from the First Nations children that were taken away from their homes so long ago, to be placed into the educational institution. It is a beauitful and inspirational poem.

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