I believe in the healing power of music- beautiful music, which seeps into the heart, into the spirit, and into the soul.


I Samuel 17: 14 – 23:  But the Spirit of the Lord had left Saul, and instead, the Lord had sent a tormenting spirit that filled him with depression and fear.  Some of Saul’s aides suggested a cure.  “We’ll find a good harpist to play for you whenever the tormenting spirit is bothering you,” they said.  “The harp music will quiet you and you’ll soon be well again.”  “All right,” Saul said.  “Find me a harpist.”  One of them said he knew a young fellow in Bethlehem, the son of a man named Jesse, who was not only a talented harp player, but was handsome, brave, and strong, and had good, solid judgment.  “What’s more,” he added, “The Lord is with him.”  So Saul sent messengers to Jesse, asking that he send his son David the shepherd.  Jesse responded by sending not only David but a young goat and a donkey carrying a load of food and wine.  From the instant he saw David, Saul admired and loved him; and David became his bodyguard.  Then Saul wrote to Jesse, “Please let David join my staff, for I am very fond of him.”  And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled Saul, David would play the harp and Saul would feel better, and the evil spirit would go away.


As you listen to these songs, may you be set free into a world where all things are possible, every thing is beautiful, and there is love, peace, and joy.  


From my heart to yours...Godwin.


Tina Senger February 28, 2016 @12:08 pm

Dearest Godwin: As I sit in my car in South Surrey while my 15 year old trains for his rugby 7's trip to Vegas, I am reading your blog. My glasses are stained as tears roll down my face and I am trying not to be noticed by the parents dropping their sons off. As I thank God for sending me to Thunderbird where I met you, I realized that I too had an amazing walk with God in my life. Your walk Godwin is so fulfilling. Thank you for posting and being a blessing to me today. To God be the glory for the amazing things he has done in our lives. You are truly an inspiration!

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