“Lord, Let Me Find Kindness Today”


Sometimes a sacrifice of love

is what's required in a day;

maybe just a moment in time

to help another find their way.


Hands reach out and ask for coins

and maybe numbered paper too;

instead you examine what's before you

as you decide what you're going to do.


You're not moved by the dirt soiled hands

or the clothes not changed in weeks;

the flesh that barely sticks to the bone

or the tears flowing down the cheeks.


The stench you decide is too unpleasant

as you take strides to the other side;

adding shame and sorrow to the already hurting

as in their crumbling world they hide.


Their day may have begun with a simple prayer

“Lord, let me find kindness today,”

Instead they felt what pushed them out

and caused their lives to go astray.


Sometimes it takes a sacrifice of love-

as the vagrant gives his last bite to his friend;

he doesn't care about the dirt soiled hands

only that he'll live...to see another day end.


(c) Godwin H. Barton




Ramona March 19, 2019 @11:37 am

Very well said my friend straight from the heart

Sandy LeRoy March 19, 2019 @11:24 am

Well said! It comes from the heart!

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