A Brand New Beginning

A Brand New Start


I sit here in the “Glorious Presence of God,”

in awe of His Magnificence and Wonder;

my heart before Him is silent and still-

as on the strength of His arm I ponder.


Will our enemies surely be laid to waste

as His word does so clearly say;

those that set snares and evil speakings

will torture be the end of their day.


The one who is prideful and lifted up

and made the world bow down at his feet;

will he be brought down and trampled upon

with only death's horror he's yet to meet.


The one who takes food from the mouth of a child

and leaves the family trembling in terror;

will their flesh deteriorate and fall from their bones

as they admire themselves in the mirror.


The tragedy is such- these things need not be

If only for a change of heart;

His arm can extend in Love and Grace

this can be...a brand new start.


Godwin H. Barton (c)



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