A Tribute To Our Nephew

Bradley Nathan Doolan: November 1977 - March 2018

The Secret Place

I shall walk these streets without you-
no more shall I see your face;
my heart may shift in brokenness-
until I too...have run my race.

You sat in the “Presence of an Almighty God,”
your tears did flow as a river;
your body it shook as by a mighty wind-
an arrow longing to leave the quiver.

You set your sights on heaven above-
before any of us ever knew;
this was your prayer in the secret place
as you- with the Angels flew.

Your prayers were presented one final time-
as the Angels approached The Father:
“It’s a prayer unlike anything we’ve heard-
his pleas just keep getting louder.”

The Father no doubt with tears in His eyes-
in delight looked upon His son:
“This one he’s so incredibly special-
take him home...his race is done.”

In Loving Memory of our Dear Nephew Brad...

Loving you always, Uncle Godwin. (C)


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