Expectation And Anticipation: I Run To, And Embrace My Future.

Photo taken on the beach of my reserve: Kincolith, BC.


Hello! On Wednesday I was awake very early; thinking on what the coming year will hold for me: leaving work and transitioning into my new life.  As one of my dear friends said, "Wow Godwin! This is it!  The chance you're taking to leap into your greater future!  The courage to release the security of the past and fully explore and embrace your artistic future...as a writer and a singer! Go for it!"  I feel this deeply in my soul.  As I lay and thought on her words, I reached for my daily devotional to see what God had to say to me.  The devotional was titled: "As It Happened," and it spoke of the life of Ruth.  The reading began:  "Boaz was a man of noble character: prominent, wealthy in money and property, a man of strength and integrity.  And it just so "happened" that the field in which Ruth gleaned belonged to Boaz.  It wasn't chance that caused Ruth to choose Boaz's field.  It was a divine act."  Further on it reads:  "Ruth, having left behind the security of her old life, was being offered a new life and future..."  It concludes:  "Have you ever wondered about the phrase, "It just so happened"?  You might have called it coincidence, or providence, or serendipity.  Yet when you took a second look, YOU SAW THAT THE PIECES CAME TOGETHER IN SUCH AN INTRICATE WAY THAT YOU KNEW IT HAD TO BE THE DIVINE HAND OF GOD."  "It just so happened" may be the turning point in your life.  


This is really how I feel as I envision my future as a writer, poet, singer, song-writer, storyteller...the excitement that stirs within me as I stand facing, running to, and embracing- my future.  As I reflect on my CD and how it all came to be, the exact prayer that morning that I prayed, "God, please guide my footsteps today and cause me to meet that exact person that I need to meet; and further Lord, ordain every word of conversation that I am to have with this individual."  It had always been a huge desire of my heart to get into a recording studio and record professionally.  It "JUST SO HAPPENED" as our conversation went from the professional to the personal...within five months of this prayer being answered that exact same day- I had my first, professional, CD release.


Like Ruth, now, I've released the security of the past and I'm being "offered a new life and a new future," and it has "God written all over it!"  I love Him so much...


Credit: Devotional reference: Peggy Byland. Words of Hope. 




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