Happy Valentine's Day!


Poetry And Roses


There are roses of yellow

pink, white, and red;

Sometimes a mixture of colors

so beautifully bred.


Accentuated by lovely

radiant leaves of green;

have even a protector-

in thorns to be seen.


A language of eloquence

is what they speak;

when you can't find the words

and your spirit is weak.


Of beauty, truth, and honor

and great humility too;

speaking the "Language of Love,"

is what a rose will do.


If all that burns within you

is of passion and desire;

its fiery red petals

are symbolic of this fire.


In insatiable want

and the inferno won't heed;

the powerful red rose

is what you will need.


Standing alone

or in a beautiful bouquet;

roses carry such power

in all that they say.


Forgive me if it seems

that I am out of line;

here's a beautiful red rose:

"To your heart- from mine."


Sincerely, Godwin H. Barton


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