Keeping In Touch: Merry Christmas!


Me! (Godwin) and one of my nephews.  Christmas at home: Kincolith!


Greetings everyone!  This photo was taken Christmas 2008- my last Christmas at home.  For the past couple of years I had been Santa at one of my elementary schools (for the kids and staff!) so I purchased this Santa suit.  I wanted a suit that would resemble, as closely as possible, the absolutely "authentic and vibrant" Santa that you often see on the side of Coca-Cola trucks at Christmas.  I found it! 


It was interesting how this all came about.  I had a lady friend visiting me one afternoon at my place- as she sat on my couch and I was on my computer, she said out of the blue, "Godwin, have you ever considered being a Santa? Given your personality and people skills, I think you would make a great Santa."  I smiled and said, "Me? Santa? No, I've never considered it."  She then said, "You should."


The following Tuesday I was at an inner-city meeting at my home school.  The topic of the school's Christmas Pancake Breakfast came up, with the statement, "And we haven't had a Santa for the past two years either..."  Looking at me all at once, the five staff members smiled, then asked: "Godwin?"  "Aaaah, yeah?" With smiles all around the table one said, "Come on Godwin, you'd make a great Santa."  Thinking on the conversation I had just had a few days earlier with my friend, I thought, "This is NOT coincidence!"  I accepted, and a wonderful, fun-filled experience it was! Especially for the kids.


This particular Christmas at home, only one of my family knew I was bringing my Santa suit with me and I asked her to keep it a secret- that come Christmas day I would make my short, five home "Surprise Santa Visit" to immediate family.  Needless to say they were pleasantly and excitedly surprised as I made my way to their homes carrying my bag of gifts and shouting "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!"  The smiles, laughter, fun, and family photos were amazing!


Twenty-five homes plus later...I finally finished my tour as everyone else who seen Santa walking the streets of the village, more than excitedly and happily invited me in.  It indeed was one of my best Christmases ever.


Here are the lyrics for a new song that I wrote about three weeks ago for a major Christmas event that I will be performing at: Enjoy!


The Passion of Christmas 


It's that time of year again

when all the voices in refrain;

sing joyously in Christmas cheer:

Christmas time is here.


It's more than just a Christmas tree

it's what my Lord has done for me;

He's the star shining bright in the night-

and the beauty of every Christmas light.


He's the gift wrapped most beautifully

the giver of life to you and to me;

how he came from heaven above

to fill us with his great love.


I'm so glad that you're here by my side

to share in this love too beautiful to hide;

burning brighter than the candle's flame

causing me always to whisper your name.


Let us cozy up next to the fire

let the passion of Christmas bring us higher;

traveling on crackling sound

the beauty of Christmas all around.


It's Christmas time again...


(C) Godwin H. Barton


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