The Promise.


Greetings! Often, when the journey gets just a little too much to bear- I have to encourage myself:


Very soon, I will be walking with her hand in hand; diamond rings on each of our fingers, cradling our baby as her heart beats against mine- thinking, with heart-felt gratitude and emotion: "It was worth it all; the wait- the sometimes loneliness, and the pain- it was worth it all." Reflecting on, and loving my God with all of my heart. In that moment- hearing the echo of His voice as He speaks softly into my spirit, reminding me: "Hold fast the confession of your hope without wavering, for I, who have promised you, am faithful." (Hebrews 10:23). Even as I write this, my spirit leaps with joy at His goodness...He is so wonderful: God.


It's been five years since I've had the dream- the "Cherry Blossom" tree. It's been five years of waiting and holding on. Five years filled with faith, hope, and believing- battling sometimes the torturous, indescribably aggressive and relentless beasts called doubt, terror, and unbelief as they've tried to tear these dreams apart. They say that the greatest battle you'll ever face is in your mind and by many of my experiences I know this to be true. When my footsteps begin to waver and my path becomes a bit unclear, grace, in all its beauty begins to take greater shape and deeper form reminding me of the promises that I've been given.  At my moments of deepest longing, two times in particular- I was walking, questioning God and wondering, "When Father, when?!"  As I was walking on each of these beautiful, semi- sunny afternoons, with the scents and colors of fall everywhere- light, soft droplets of rain would begin to fall. I'd look up and there they would be: double rainbows, high above me...and His voice echoing again in my spirit: "And two shall be one."  Feeling most specifically that in that moment those rainbows were created just for me in answer to my thoughts.  Again, hope is increased and the strength found to continue yet another day in "the promise."


These are the things that I hold on to. Things that restore, breed hope, inspire, and build. This is just how I've been created: to believe.


Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous day,









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