University of British Columbia: Museum of Anthropology: First Annual First Peoples Festival.


Greetings!  I, along with many other presenters offering various workshops and entertainment, just completed two days of festivities at the University of British Columbia's, Museum of Anthropology's "First Annual First Peoples Festival".  April 23rd. and 24th.  The event was an absolute success and was planned in conjunction with the Vancouver School Board and the Museum of Anthropology.  It was a few months in the making and came to fruition beautifully. 

As I always do before speaking, I open with a song or two depending on the time frame...this always settles the audience and brings everyone together in a perfect cohesiveness.  With every audience what captivates me as I am singing while playing my guitar- is how they are mesmerized by the sounds of the acoustic guitar as they sit in absolute stillness, semi-entranced- staring, at my hands as I strum and sing.  Its as if they are translated to a different dimension; to a different time.  I love this! Many others just sit and stare right into my eyes as I sing.  Through it all, it is obvious that there is a deep appreciation for the song and the music they are hearing.   They sit, they stare...their eyes following my every strum- with many others sitting in absolute submissiveness as their ears seem heightened to capture every sound.  I absolutely love this!  This is why I enjoy so much what I do...the reason that I sing, the reason that I share: because of you!

It was two amazing days! Two days of absolute success...and something I look forward to again in the future. 

I say this rather humbly and with a heart of extreme gratitude: the main facilitator and organizer couldn't thank me enough for my participation and kept emphasizing the many "great comments" she kept on receiving on my performance.  

Everyone did an amazing job!  Congratulations to every presenter and thank you all for the wonderful work that you did!



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