And Angels Can Be Seen




Happy Valentine's Day!

I pray your love burns as radiantly as the sun- and resonates passionately...with the beauty of every sunset; for now and forever.  I dedicate this poem to a very, very special friend of mine...


Angels Can Be Seen


I stood and stared

into your eyes;

piercing and strong

as fiery skies.


Tears they flowed

as a mighty stream;

again you were reminded

of the miraculous dream.


Elegance and beauty

words fail to describe;

immaculate and graceful

on heaven's tide.


One can only imagine

a treasure to hold so tight;

that true love flows

and fear takes flight.


Maybe for now it is

that you are only a dream;

but dreams come true

and Angels can be seen.


(c) Godwin H. Barton

Photo: Compliments of my nephew, Donald, who lives in Prince George, BC. Thank you!




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