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  Godwin Barton:  Your Presence “Your Presence” in its presentation is very lyrical, passionate, and powerful.  It’s straight from the heart, and straight from the spirit- which, as you listen to the songs comes across very strongly as you are impacted very passionately by the honesty, strength, and absolute magnificence of the musical arrangements and depth of every lyric. Birthed by his relationship with the Father, God, through prayer and fasting…a total of eleven days fasting in two phases: one seven days and the other four- absolutely no food, drinking only water and a cup of pure orange juice a day, reading the bible and given over to prayer and fellowship with the church- Godwin, on the seventh night of his first fast had a very significant and symbolic dream of three empty CD, jewel cases.  The cases contained neither album art nor CDs.  It was then that Godwin believed with all of his heart that by the “Grace of God” he would soon have the opportunity, a dream of a lifetime, to be in a professional recording studio recording the song that he wanted most to record: Your Presence.  On March 4th, 2011, also by miraculous intervention and divine direction, Godwin had his first meeting with his producer, Junshuo Hou from Liquid Tension Music.  Junshuo, after interviewing Godwin and having him demo a couple of songs, was impacted greatly by his strength, integrity, and humility. The strength, scope, and depth of Godwin’s lyrics and incredibly unique voice and sound are what convinced Junshuo that there was something there.  It was without hesitation and an incredibly generous hand that Junshuo then offered Godwin his chance of a life time- that Liquid Tension Music would record, produce, and finance a three-track mini CD for Godwin.  Five months later this dream became a reality.  “Your Presence” was released on August 9, 2011. From the photography, album art, and final mastering of the songs, the CD is magnificently spectacular and spirit gripping; the final mastering done by Grammy award winning producer, musical engineer, “Bob Katz” at Digital Domain.  Liquid Tension spared no expense in fulfilling Godwin’s dream and bringing this album to reality. The songs, “Your Presence” inspired by a lovely, young lady friend of a few years ago is extremely passionate- resonating in desire, want, of a seemingly impossible love between two individuals set worlds apart in age- but a love so true, so obvious:  "Well sometimes it seems that we are worlds apart.  In the vastness of this time, don't quite know where to start.  Oh feel my yearning, hear my cry, just had to come and say hi.  Oh just to be near you, no words spoken, enough to carry me through."   “Who Can This Be” a testimonial of the Grace of God in Godwin’s life written also in the reflections of the destructions of nations and peoples through out the world- and to bring and give hope to people who have experienced, and continue to experience abusive, hurtful relationships:  "If you think that you're hopeless, with no help to be found- you've been beaten, you've been battered, and there's blood all around.  You cry and you pray, looking for the light of day...yet in this deathly darkness, you only seem to stay."  The song takes you on a journey of tragedy to triumph- "Your great strength within now shall arise as a fire, as on the wings of eagles, you'll soar higher and higher.  “I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind” is a desire for love to come to fruition, and inspired by a lovely, lady friend in Beijing, China- every lyric, heart pounding, passionate, and powerful: "Oh from the early morning, through out the day, and into the night.  Even in my dreams you come to me, and everything is alright."  A love engrained so deep, completely undeniable and powerful: "Oh flooding my soul, into my heart and into my spirit.  You are the song that I sing, every lyric, oh can you not hear it. In summary, Godwin says:  “My songs, acoustically, were already loved by many- but my producer in the magnificence of his arrangements and extreme high level of professionalism, has managed to take my songs beyond all beauty imaginable.  The many people who have downloaded my music or purchased a CD from me directly, have had nothing but great things to say about it; and I say this rather humbly, with everyone absolutely loving it.  I am so grateful.”   Though Godwin may seem to come from a strong base spiritually through the church, his music is borderline rock and pop and is bringing great joy to everyone, young and old alike, through out the world, both nationally and internationally.  We believe with all of our heart, for Godwin, this is only the beginning of greater things to come.”